These statements are our reminders of family goals for ourselves and our children. Each simple phrase represents a way of organizing our lives, staying focused, and being positive about life.(updated 2001)

bulletLife is Grand
bulletDoing our best is terrific
bulletPersonal honor
bulletSupport each other
bulletEveryone wins
bulletParents guide kids

We used Stephen Covey's books and our own experiences to turn these simple statements to remind us what our family stands for.  It also serves as our guide for our parenting of Arielle and Peter. 

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bulletLife is grand
bulletPlay. Smile. Dance
bulletSailing, sunsets and the cosmos
bulletBe generous
bulletAct as this year's the last
bulletDo it sensually
bulletDoing our best is terrific
bulletSatisfaction after hard effort
bulletMistakes mean progress
bulletLess points for perfection
bulletCelebrate positive actions
bulletTry, try again
bulletPersonal Honor
bulletIntegrity is everything
bulletHard to build it, easy to lose it.
bulletOthers' trust rests on it
bulletNobody else can take it away
bulletTruth is easier than fiction
bulletHonesty is the currency of life
bulletSupport Each Other
bulletThink family first when choosing
bulletHugs, coming and going
bulletLifelong kin loyalty
bulletListen to understand
bulletEmpathy, not advice/judgment
bulletAsk for help, whenever
bulletEveryone wins
bulletFind solutions, not problems
bulletBefore slicing, bake bigger pies
bulletWin-win solutions
bulletGive sincere appreciation
bulletFocus on results, not means
bulletParents guide kids
bulletOpen family/house rules
bulletkids listen and learn, while...
bulletparents sacrifice for kids

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We became members of the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Sunnyvale  (UUFS).  This is also known as the AWK church  (Aetheists with Kids). 

 The UU's were created when Unitarians (dating from the 17th century) merged with Universalists in 1960.  The result is a liberal religion that is terribly inclusionary.  Unitarianism proclaims that we all spring from a common source; Universalism, that we share a common destiny.  For a bit more  info, see:

We are so glad to have found this community.  It suits us fine.  We needed more than an agnostic approach to life mysteries.    However, conservative libertarians need to be in a political closet in this church that is largely accepting of other diverse interests.  It is politically liberal as well as religiously liberal.

 Dorian and Joe serve as both youth group advisors and religious education leaders  in our fellowship (UUFS).