2004 : Corsica
(France and Italy)

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Check out pink granite mountains, pure white cliffs and blue waters, part of the stunning scenery of Corsica.  Check out France and Italy in the same trip. Don't let a year go by without sunsets, smiles all around, a cocktail in hand and the smell of a BBQ feast to come.

Join the LIG sailing group 2004 trip to Corsica. We are a bunch of laid-back, professional, terrifically talented, witty and modest sailors.

More information:

bullet Sunsail information (preferred)
bulletHome base- Macinaggio
bulletElba, Italy information
bulletDiving1, Diving2, Diving Elba
bullet Weather, Provisioning
Corsica sailing from Moorings

Proposed dates:  July 3 to July 10

Destination:  Corsica and Elba
Languages: French, Corsican, Italian

July Avg. High Temp: 84 F 
Water Temp: 71-77 F
Winds: 7 to 20 knots, calm overnight

Cost Estimate:  $900 to $1300* plus airfare
depends on number of persons signing up and size of the boat

Goal:  Second boat reserved by March 29th

Airfare ideas:

SFO to Paris: from $975 (Travelocity)
Paris to Bastia/Macinaggio:   $350
Paris to Nice (then ferry) : $240 plus ferry


SFO to Nice: from $1000 (GorilliaAir)
Nice to Macinaggio  by ferry $40 to $72


SFO to Rome:  from $990  (Travelocity)
Rome to Bastia/Macinaggio: $600

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One possible itinerary.    We charter a boat from Sunsail from the north part of Corsica. Possibly we would skip a longer transit to hang around a good diving, sightseeing spot. (Click here to see it animated)

  1. Macinaggio to Capraia - 18 nm
  2. Porto Ferraio, Elba   - 25 nm
  3. Porto Azzuro, Elba  - 15 nm
  4. Marciana Marina, Elba - 25 nm
  5. Bastia - 30 nm
  6. Centuri - 22 nm
  7. Back to home base = 8 nm

Elba is one of the greenest and most beautiful islands in the Mediterranean.  Capraia is a small, relatively untouched island of the Tuscan Archipelago.

Touted Activities:  Snorkeling, Scuba, Galleries, Nightlife
Also: renowned LIG nightly cocktail hour, hors d'oervres, and BBQ feast

For more details, feel free to call Joe Martinka at 408-735-7245 or email exegrec3@yahoo.com

How to Confirm

First come, first served.  

There are a maximum number of berths available: 12 people.  We will charter one or two boats.  There is a wait list zone for the 7 and 8th persons as this is 'between boats'.  So be one of the first 6 to sign up to be assured of a spot for this trip.

How to confirm:

  1. Decide if Med Sailing sounds great and the timing works for you.
  2. Call or email Joe for more information if needed.  408-735-SAIL (7245)
  3. Send $400 per person to reserve your spot. 
    bulletJoe Martinka
    bullet1760 Laurentian Way
    bulletSunnyvale CA  94087
  4. Once the trip is confirmed by email, make your air reservations on your own. 
  5. Bookmark  this page.

Current Med Sailor Signups

1 Joe Martinka Full Payment Air France 83 SFO-CDG 6/27
Air France 6218 ORY-NCE 6/28
SNCM Ferry 0730 NCE-BIA 7/3
Air France 4511 BIA-ORY 7/12
Air France 50 CDG-ORD 7/12
United 153 ORD-SFO 7/12
2 Dorian Martinka
3 Jeff Dunham Full Payment Driving to Nice, then ferry
4 Michelle Krick
Lynne Izbicki Full Payment arrival: BIA 7/1/04 21:15
Jeff "Charlie" Martinka Full Payment Through Italy, then by ferry
7 (only one boat this trip)    
wait list      

Sailboat Information

Boat Reservations  

Sunsail:  Sun Odyssey 43 DS :  Specifications  Reserved for LIG Sailing!
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 To be determined by crew sign ups.  Available boats are:  34, 37 and 42 foot sloops

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Final costs 

Final cost was about $880 per person....

Deposit:  $1000 per person  <-- based on current boat reservations

This deposit is based on the number of people who have signed up, the cost of the boat(s) that we have reserved, on-board vittles and beverages and a small buffer.  The last items are estimates, and are based on previous cruises.   

Any deposit not spent will be refunded after we get back from the trip.  If history is a guide, we generally disburse a small refund (~$200) after a trip.

Early assumptions for boat and provisioning estimate: 

Early-July sail for 8 days and 7 nights. 
Two Sloops  - costs split among 10 persons evenly
   (the final cost will be total boats cost / total number of crew)
Split provisioning on boat $28/day/person
        two or three meals ashore during the cruise
Beverage allowance of $200 per person
6% tax on boat, 10% on services and 16% on alcohol

Not Included

        This estimate does not including airfare. 
        extra nights lodging or other touring in Europe. 

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