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New Years in Martinique


The LIG sailing's 2006/2007 cruise in the French Antilles, Caribbean.

  Dates:  Dec 29, 2006 to Jan 6, 2007
Briefing at 4pm Friday, board at 6pm.
    Updated length of trip: 8 days and 8 nights.

Destination:  Sparkling waters of Martinique and St Lucia.
Local language: English and French

Weather in Martinique

bulletTemps: 74 to 84 F year around (23-28 C) 
bulletWinds: North-Easterly trades at 15-25 knots


More information:

Cost Estimate$1300 to $1500 plus airfare - see below
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Possible Itinerary: 
bullet St Lucia to and from Martinique (in French)
bulletSt Lucia to and from Martinique (in fractured English - machine translation)

be sure to click through on the pictures!

Airfare ideas:

Plan to arrive by mid afternoon on 12/29, or come one or more days earlier, checking out out St Lucia by land.  The Martinka's are leaving early on 1/7 to return with fewest hours on the plane.

SLU (Gerge F.L. Charles) is closest (about 20 minute car trip)
UVF (Hewanorra)  is international airport (little more than hour away)

Where mountains meet the sea.

Pele mountain, Martinique

Soufriere and the Pitons, St. Lucia


My Goal:  One boat reserved reserved by August 24.  We would like to have the final cabin spoken for by September 15th.

For more details, call Joe at 408-735-7245, or email at

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Sailboat Information

Boat Reservation Layout

Moorings 4000  <-- for details

 click to enlarge

French flagged- it is the "Exclusive" fleet, meaning less than 2 years old.

Boat's name: Southern Blue

Multimedia Pictures  - Virtual Tours

Reservations  -- TRIP IS FULL

We will charter one boat.  Preferences to double occupancy, and for people who have already sailed with us on LIG trips.   

How to join:

  1. Decide if a St. Lucia/Martinique sail sounds great and the December timing works for you.
  2. Call or email Joe.  408-735-SAIL (7245)
  3. Send $400 per person to reserve your berths.   
    bulletJoe Martinka
    1760 Laurentian Way
    Sunnyvale CA  94087
  4. Once your trip is confirmed by email from Joe, make your air reservations. 
  5. Bookmark  this page
  6. Pre-cruise party/planning as well as job delegation in the fall.

Current Belize Signups

1 Joe Martinka boat reserved with deposit  Leaving SJC 12/28 9:15pm AA3113
Arriving SLU 12/29 2:40pm AA5122

Leaving SLU 1/7 8:25am AA5059
Arriving SJC 1/7  5:15pm AA3125

$2154 total

2 Dorian Martinka
3 Jeff Dunham fully paid Leaving SFO 12/28 20:55pm AA392
Arriving SLU 12/29 2:40pm AA5122

Leaving SLU 1/10 for Gibraltar 

4 Michelle Krick
5 Andy Crabtree deposit received arriving at 2:40PM on Friday the 29th in SLU,

depart 8:25AM Sunday Jan 7th from SLU.

6 Stacey Greer
7 Larry Meyer deposit received Delta 418, slc to atl leaving 11:45 PM Thurs Dec 28th Delta 423, atl to hwn, arrives 3:24 PM Fri Dec 29th

Delta 424, HWN to atl, leaving 4:14 PM Monday Jan 08 Delta 343, atl to slc, leaving 8:15 AM Tues Jan 9th

8 Therese Meyer
wait list Roger Pepin and Wanda    

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Estimate:  $1400 per person  (a little higher than normal LIG sails: prime season for sailing)

This cost is estimated based on the expected number of people who sign up, the cost of the boat hat we have reserved, split provisioning (the food on board), beverages, bar and a small buffer.  Some items are estimates, and are based on previous cruises. 

Any trip payment not spent will be refunded after we get back from the trip. 

The deposit of $400 per person is non refundable if you decide not to go, and another person cannot be found to take your place.  Full payment will be due on October 15th. 

Assumptions for boat and provisioning estimate: 

Late December sail for 8 days and 8 nights.  
An extra pre-sail night is included - Friday on board the boats.
   (included in above estimate, saving hotel costs and affording an early Sat start)
Full provisioning on boat $28/day/person
Beverage allowance of $200 per person

Not Included

        This estimate does not include airfare, souvenirs, extra nights lodging or other touring on the islands. 

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Page updates


8/25 : first sailor signups, boat reserved,


9/3: full crew listed


9/28: updated payment status


10/19: updated more plane information.   Balance due from everyone.


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