2002 Tahiti Cruise Notes

       September 7 - 14, 2002

Leeward Islands of French Polynesia


Tahiti Weather Report


Bora-Bora Bulletin



Actual trip was counter-clockwise around Raiatea 2 nights, then to Bora-Bora for 3 nights, then finally to Tahaa for 2 nights

The Leeward Isles of the Society Islands chain, often referred to as the outer islands of Tahiti, are lush, verdant and sun-kissed.  A cluster of volcanic islands are dominated by craggy mountainous terrain, skirted by costal lowlands and surrounded by an encircling reef.  Inside the reef, water is flat as a pond.  Inter-island passages are  more challenging, in open ocean. Fun!

Island Summaries

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Tahiti Sailors 

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Boat Berthing

bullet41 ft Hugh Gregg, Becky Failor, Roger Pepin, Diane Gruber, and Carl Myerholz
bullet43 ft Joe + Dorian Martinka, Dan Geiszler, Jan Johnson, Jeff Dunham and Michelle Krick

Official Positions 

bulletSkippers: Joe and Hugh
bulletFirst mates: Dan and Becky  (Dan served as skipper for half the trip)
bulletCruise purser and Chef: Carl
bulletHors D'ouerves and Drink Meisters:  Dan and Michelle
bulletDJ and Dance Lead: Michelle
bulletInterpreter: Roger
bulletYoga Master: Dorian
bulletKidSitter Angel: Barbara (Joe's mom))
bulletMotor Scooter Commanders: Jan and Dorian
bulletCruise DiveMaster: Carl

Sailboat Information

  Two boats for this trip....

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 SunSail  SunOdyssey 43DS, a spacious and unique sloop with a raised salon to see outside.  6 person crew.  Name of "Almandin"  

Skipper: Joe

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 SunSail  Oceanis 400, a sleek sloop with low swim platform and easy sail handling.  5 person crew.   (It was actually upgraded upon arrival to a 41 foot SunOdyssey called "DaVinci"

 Skipper: Hugh

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Sailing Times

 Best sailing is the dry winter months between April and November.  Then, winds are dependable, temperatures in the comfortable 70s and unsettled weather is infrequent.  Trade winds are 13-18 knots year-round.

Tahiti Weather Report | Bora-Bora Bulletin

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