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Spring Break  2010
Sailing in Phuket Thailand

Destination:  Phuket, Thailand

Dates:  April 10 to 17, 2010
Board 4 pm on Saturday the 10th
    Disembark at 9 am on 17th
    Length of trip: 7 nights

Cost Estimate$1100 plus airfare

Why go there?

Spectacular, exotic.  James Bond likes it too.  Easier to get to than Australia.  Remarkable limestone karsts. Crescent sand beaches.

  Phang Nga Bay

More information:

bulletProposed Starting point
bullet  Sunsail Thailand Base Web Site 
bullet Sunsail, phuket, Thailand - Google Maps


bulletSailor's Summary of Phuket
bulletWikipedia's version
bulletLocal language:  Thai
bulletWeather: typical, summary, averages and current to compare April to other months.
bulletPhuket "Sister" Cities:  Las Vegas, Nevada and Nice, France.  Nice.  (gets you thinking....)

Airfare ideas:

Phuket international airport code:  HKT

In late June, I found using Orbitz $1100 tickets through Hong Kong (HKG) from SFO on Cathy Pacific.  For an extra $100, stay longer in Hong Kong on the way back.

In late July, there were $1000 tickets from Minneapolis to Phuket through Soeul.

November update: Martinka's reserved tickets with a stop in Hong Kong for 3 days for $1033 per adult using Cathy Pacific.

Example Itinerary

Phuket, Phang Nga Bay, Koh Roi, Koh Hong Krabi, Rai le Beach, Phi Phi Don, Koh Rang Yai


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Sailboat Information


Boat Reservations  Layout and Specs

Sunsail 384 Catamaran  (Premier - Just Built)
Glossy of the "new" boat


Phuket Sailors

1 Joe Martinka
(1st boat skipper)
deposits received
Leave SFO 3 Apr on Cathay XS873 for Hong Kong on the ungodly 0120 red eye. Layover 3 days in Hong Kong.
Arrive Apr 7 on Dragonair to Phuket, CX6804 at 1725 pm

Depart Apri 17 on Dragonair CX6717 to HongKong at 1230.  Arrive SFO at 2125 on Ap 17.

2 Dorian Martinka
3 Peter Martinka
4 Arielle Martinka
5 Jeff Martinka (Joe's brother) deposit received will not sail - conference conflict
6 Larry Meyer deposits received TBD
7 Therese Meyer
8 Jeff Dunham deposits received TBD
9 Michelle Krick

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Other Links:

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About  $1100 per person  Children cost about $200 less.

This cost was estimated based on the expected number of people who sign up, the cost of the boat(s) that we have reserved, partial provisioning (the food on board) with additional main course purchases, beverages, bar and a small buffer.  Some items are estimates, and are based on previous cruises.   We came in with only minor adjustments.


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Page update history

Jun 7, 2009 - First Draft
Aug 1, 2009 - Update for First call of sailors
Aug 12, 2009 - Received Jeff M's deposit and updated the Meyer's reservation.
Aug 13, 2009 - Updated with Jeff D and Michelle's reservation.  Added Moorings web link.
Aug 24, 2009   Added more links.
Sept 5, 2009.   Added information about the first reserved boat.
Oct 18, 2009.  Switched from sloop to Catamaran.  Updated Jeff M. status
Dec 26, 2009.  Added flight information for Martinka's.

August 5, 2010   Updated with pictures, and video.  It was a great trip.

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