The Jan 2002 Hugh Gregg "Where Do We Sail This Year" Survey

Feeling a little cooped up?

Its about time for  you decide where to spend the spare change this year.  

How about a sailing trip?

A leading candidate is sailing around Tahiti in May.  We need you to help decide.



April 2001 British Virgin Islands


Survey Time.....

Click here to take the official Survey.   

We decided to focus on the South Pacific, but the survey applies to other destinations. (Write-in candidates)

Please submit the survey soon.   How about no later than Feb 3?  How about today!


Forum for Comments:

bulletRead our Sailing Forum
bulletAdd your own posting

Some Destination Information:

bulletTahiti and Belize
bulletAustralia (Whitsundies)


Who's behind this?

Joe Martinka wrote this survey on behalf of Hugh Gregg.  Hugh is 'underwater' for awhile.  He and Becky are finishing a move from two households to a new mansion. 

You can reach Joe at 650-691-3427 (work)   408-735-7245 (home)  or