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Future Location Preferences

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  Excited Interested Neutral Ho-Hum Nope Comments
Tahiti Raiatea/BoraBora
Australia Whitsunday Islands
New Zealand Bay of Islands
Belize  Gulf of Mexico
Tonga Been there, done that
Where else?

Time Preferences

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Late May
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Optimum Period 

Amenity Tradeoffs

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Preference 1 Left Slight  Neutral Slight Right  Preference 2
Sloop (monohull) Catamaran (double hull)
Shorter 7 day sail Longer 10 day sail
Cozy and economical Spacious, but more pricey
Head per stateroom Shared head
More sailing Less Sailing
Eating out Eating on board
You're a couple You's a single


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Certified Diving
Resort Diving
Beercan racing
Dinghy racing

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